Do Nurses Need a Professional Resume?

Do nurses need a professional resume? This question has probably crossed every nurses’ mind while searching for a new career and is still commonly asked in today’s medical industry. While some may say it isn’t necessary, most HR professionals who work in the medical field would say otherwise. Even though the medical industry operates a […]

ARH Scholars 2018

Appalachian Regional Healthcare Releases Names of 2018 ARH Scholars Award Winners

Appalachian Regional Healthcare is standing behind its commitment to provide financial assistance to standout college students with the ARH Scholars Award. The ARH Scholars Award is a scholarship program designed to help fund the cost of education for those interested in seeking a career in healthcare. The award is open to all those living in any of our ARH communities…

Doris Shuck - West Liberty Tornado 2002

ARH Stories: Doris Shuck pt. 2

Doris Shuck, Pharmacy Technician, Morgan County ARH, recalls the powerful and moving display of support from her ARH family after a 2002 tornado destroyed her home and devastated her community in West Liberty. #OneFamily

Sue Bowling

ARH Stories: Sue Bowling

Sue Bowling, Director of Laboratory Services, Hazard ARH, describes what it means to be “family” at ARH. #OneFamily

Joshua Shepherd

Winning ARH Scholars Award Just a First Step

Joshua Shepherd of Lost Creek has been named a 2017 Appalachian Regional Healthcare (ARH) Scholar and will be receiving a financial award of $2,500 each year for the next two years to be used for tuition and living expenses while attending college. To be selected as an ARH Scholar, the applicant must either be an employee of ARH or be sponsored by a relative who is an employee. Shepherd was sponsored by his sister, Tammie Shepherd-Smith, who works for Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center…

Tiffany Stallard

Tiffany Stallard Starting Her Journey to Become an RN

Tiffany Stallard of Whitesburg has been named an Appalachian Regional Healthcare (ARH) 2017 Scholar and will receive a scholarship worth $2,500 for each of the next two years. She was one of 11 individuals to receive the award and will be attending Galen School of Nursing, Hazard, in the fall…

Jessica Cornett

Jessica Cornett Is Tapping Resources To Complete Her Education

Jessica Cornett was thrilled when she learned she had been named an Appalachian Regional Healthcare (ARH) Scholar for the 2017-2018 academic year, but she was even happier when she realized the award brought more than just a financial grant. As an incoming, first year student at Galen School of Nursing in Hazard, Cornett will have a mentor assigned to her who will help her through the demanding courses needed to become a registered nurse (RN)…

Doris Shuck

ARH Stories: Doris Shuck

Doris Shuck, Pharmacy Technician at Morgan County ARH, says she loves working at ARH because it offers her “the opportunity to build relationships and friendships with the people in our community.” #OneFamily

Glorible "Bell" Dalida

ARH Stories: Glorible “Bell” Dalida

Glorible “Bell” Dalida, Senior Medical Technologist at Summers County ARH, describes how ARH has helped her achieve her goals and live out her dreams. #OneFamily

Timothy Pack awarded ARH scholarship

Timothy Pack has a lot of professional plans and Appalachian Regional Healthcare (ARH) is rapidly becoming critical in making those plans a reality. Pack was just named an ARH Scholar, which carries a financial grant of $2,500 for the academic year 2017-2018 with an option for an additional $2,500 next year…